Organic Merino Wool Yarn - Mimosa Legume
Handspun Hope

Organic Merino Wool Yarn - Mimosa Legume

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The wool from our own flock of Merino sheep is triple-washed before the ladies of Handspun Hope begin creating yarn using the age-old craft of spinning with only wheels and hand tools. The yarn is dyed in a bath created from a local mimosa tree. The project gives over 120 women, most of them widows and orphaned survivors of the 1994 Genocide, dignified employment. Handspun Hope is a certified member of the Fair Trade Federation, which guarantees just wages and working conditions for the artisans.

Please note, due to the characteristic of natural plant hand dyes, actual color may vary between skeins. We recommend alternating skeins during knitting. #fairtradeyarn #rwandayarn #africayarn #mimosa #organic #handspunhope

100 grams (3.5 oz), approximately 185 yards 

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