Q&A with Rosa in honor of International Day of Older People

Q&A with Rosa in honor of International Day of Older People


To be able to provide meals and to eat with my grandchildren brings me joy. In the future, I hope to make repairs to my home, to won a pig and to have my own business

— Rosa                                                                        


Rosa has worked for Handspun Hope since 2012 and, at 82 years old, has the distinction of being the eldest member of our Rwanda team. Since October 1st is the International Day of Older People, we wanted to chat with Rosa and get her perspective about working for Handspun Hope.

Please welcome Rosa!

Q: Rosa, thank you for talking with us. Please tell us a little about yourself.

A: My name is Rosa. I am 82 years old. I live with my son and five grandchildren.


Q: How long have you worked for Handspun Hope? What is your job there?

A: I have worked for Handspun Hope for eight years, since 2012. I work as a picker, cleaning the wool by removing any sticks, dirt or tangles before sending it to the carders.


Q: How has your life changed since you began working for Handspun Hope?

A: To work here has changed my life because I can buy food and clothes by myself, I am able to feed feed my grandchildren ( 4 girls and 1 boy) and buy clothes for the two younger grandchildren.

Before I came to Handspun Hope, I used to make pottery - pots, charcoal stoves and vessels - but, I could not make enough money to buy food and was often forced to beg. At Handspun Hope, I very much enjoy being with others, too.


Q: What is something you love about Rwanda? Or something you love that Americans may not know?

A: In Rwanda, I love the way we interact with each other. I really love spending time talking with other people. And I love sorghum porridge for my hot drink instead of tea!


Q: What is something you see - in your own life or in the community - that gives you hope?

A: The development of the country in general is a very good thing but, above all, having a job gives me hope.

Thank you, Rosa!

We are so grateful for your hard work, your wisdom and your example.