About Us

Handspun Hope x Hope Artisan Collective

We value creative enterprise as an effective solution to poverty. With every purchase from Handspun Hope or Hope Artisan Collective, you help empower artisans across Africa trough the work of their hands.

Handspun Hope and Hope Artisan Collective are proud members of the Fair Trade federation.

How it Works

All represented Hope Artisan Collective makers are paid directly and fairly for their crafts according to standards set forth by the Fair Trade Federation.

All proceeds from online purchases are then used to directly support Handspun Hope, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, including the fair, salaried wages of all employees.


About Handspun Hope

Handspun Hope is a nonprofit organization empowering 209 at-risk Rwandan women with dignified, salaried employment, family healthcare, trauma counseling + more.

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