Back to School - The Chance to Hope

Back to School - The Chance to Hope

Tis the season here in the states when school-aged children leave behind the lazy days of summer for the structure of learning. We thought, in honor of those who have returned, or soon will return, to school, we would give you a window into school life in Rwanda.


When Diana, our executive director, was last in Rwanda at the end of July, the student there were wrapping up their summer quarter at school. The children arrived at the cooperative with report cards in hand, thrilled that the quarter had come to an end. And moms and grandmoms paused their work to ooh and ahh over their reports and to beam with pride at the achievements.


When I look at these photos, I can’t help thinking:


Kids are kids kids…no matter where you live. Making it through a school session is something to celebrate.


Moms are moms are moms…no matter where you live. Seeing the littles you adore take pride in their achievements makes you want to sing from the rooftops.


And, at the end of the day…love is love is love…no matter where you live. We all have the same wants for our children: a decent education, the opportunity to dream big dreams and the chance to hope…for a big, bright future.


Whether your school session is just beginning or wrapping up, your friends at TVM send all students everywhere educational blessings. Keep dreaming and hoping and learning…we believe in you!