Giving Tuesday - A Chance to Make a Positive Impact

Giving Tuesday - A Chance to Make a Positive Impact


May 5th is Giving Tuesday, a time when the world comes to together to offer financial support to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

You, friends, are always so generous - and have been especially giving during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you missed our recent update on how the ladies are faring in the face of COVID isolation, you can read more by clicking here.

You have stepped up for us in a big way.

A huge way.

A grace-filled and humbling way.

Because of you, we were able to keep our commitment to our staff in Rwanda and provide FULL SALARIES to every employee for the month of May. All of them.

Every shepherd and member of the farm staff received their full paycheck for May.

Every spinner still has access to healthcare for herself and her dependents through May.

Every knitter has access to our trauma counselors through May.

In total, 157 employees received full salaries and benefits because of you and your generosity.


You’re amazing.

And so, on this Giving Tuesday, we are committing to the same goal for June. Until COVID restrictions are lifted to the point where we can attend trunk and trade shows to sell the beautiful items made by the women of Handspun Hope, we are dependent on the kindness of others in order to keep the Rwandan staff fully employed.

When you donate to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund, every dollar given goes to Rwanda to cover next month’s expenses.

On behalf of everyone at Handspun Hope, we thank you for your continued supports. 


What a powerful force you are when you commit to bettering the circumstances of others. We are so grateful for you!