Product Feature: Vintage Hima Milk Vessels

Product Feature: Vintage Hima Milk Vessels

We’re thrilled to be highlighting - what we believe to be - one of the most unique products in the Hope Artisan Collective:
Vintage Hima Milk Vessels!

So.. what IS a Hima Milk Vessel you ask? Great question! Read on to learn a little more about these beauties from the early 20th century. (Yes, you read that right!) 



A vintage Hima milk vessel is truly a special and unique find.

Carved in Rwanda from jacaranda wood during the early 20th century, each milk vessel is an authentic, one-of-a-kind antique.
When the vessels cracked from everyday wear and tear, patches were created using bits of aluminum from old pans. The patches help create a unique beauty and ensure no two pieces are alike!



Each milk vessel is topped with an intricate, handwoven lid.

Handwoven and varying in colors and designs, each lid adds to the one-of-a-kind nature of the milk vessels; these beauties are sure to stand out in any room!




Hop over to the Hope Artisan Collective and pick up one of these beautiful, timeless pieces.

It’s sure to be a conversation starter and, even better, helps us continue to support at-risk women in Rwanda. Happy shopping!




Cheers to shopping for good!