Sponsorship Opportunity: Perusi & Lucie

Sponsorship Opportunity: Perusi & Lucie

Each month, we highlight two employees who have not yet been fully sponsored.

When one of our employees is fully sponsorship, it means a generous donor or group of donors has agreed to make monthly donations in her honor. A monthly sponsorship pledge can be made in any amount. It takes a monthly pledge of $150 to completely cover one woman. You can read more about sponsorship levels by clicking here. While the levels are set amounts, you may make a monthly donation of any amount and we will combine yours with others to create a full sponsorship for one woman.

When the needs of an employee are covered by a donor, it frees up funds used by the organization for other needs of the ministry.


We are excited to introduce you to this month’s featured employees.

Please welcome Perusi and Lucie!



"Having a job with Handspun Hope and a home of my own makes me happy. I hope to add electricity and water, and to purchase additional land."

- Perusi

In 1997, rebels came to Perusi's home and took her husband away. She never saw him again and he is presumed dead. Before being hired by Handspun Hope in March 2011, she used to work as a gardener to earn money. Now she is able to provide necessities for herself and her children. In 2000, she received Jesus as her Savior, and she is thankful for His healing and grace in her life.

Felina needs $115/month to be fully sponsored



"I love living with my children. I hope to one day buy land and build a home."

- Lucie

Lucie is a widow with four children. She was raised by her step-mother and, while never afforded the opportunity to attend school, is proud of the fact that she knows how to read and write. Before joining Handspun Hope, Lucie used to sell vegetables in the market. She believes working for Handspun Hope will allow her to feed her children, provide them with an education and improve their lives.

Lucie is currently unsponsored




When you choose to support a woman - through a full or partial sponsorship - you are directly impacting her life and that of her family. And, if you are offering a partial sponsorship, we want you to know that your donation will be joined with that of others to create a full sponsorship.


Thank you for supporting our ladies - we look forward to introducing you to two more wonderful ladies next month!