Sponsorship Opportunity: Adrienne & Alivera

Sponsorship Opportunity: Adrienne & Alivera

Each month, we highlight two employees who have not yet been fully sponsored. When one of our employees is fully sponsored, it means a generous donor or group of donors has agreed to make monthly donations in her honor. A sponsorship can be in any amount and it takes $150 fully sponsors one woman. You can read more about sponsorship levels by clicking here. While the levels are set amounts, you may make a monthly donation of any amount and we will combine them to create full sponsorship for one woman.

When the needs of an employee are covered by a donor, it frees up funds used by the organization for other needs of the ministry.


We are excited to introduce you to this month’s featured employees.

Please welcome Adrienne and Alivera!




"I dream of continuing my studies, getting married and having a family. I hope to own a knitting workshop of my own.”  ~Adrienne



Adrienne grew up in the home of her uncle. She was often mistreated but, when she accepted Christ, the abuse became worse so she left his home and moved to Musanze. She was allowed to live in a home that was paid for by her church. Adrienne was forced to beg food from her neighbors. She is grateful for her job with Handspun Hope and loves working in the company of the other ladies.

Adrienne is currently unsponsored




“My dream is to continue to save money so I may purchase electricity for my home. Knowing my children can continue their studies gives me confidence.”  ~ Alivera



Alivera has nine children, though she lost two at young ages. She currently cares for six children and two grandchildren. She was widowed in 2002, losing her husband to HIV/AIDS. Alivera began working for Handspun Hope in 2008 and is grateful she is now able to buy food, soap and clothes for herself and her family. She is proud of the home she was able to purchase and takes great pride in caring for it.

Needs $30/month to be fully sponsored 




When you choose to support a woman - through a full or partial sponsorship - you are directly impacting her life and that of her family. And, if you are offering a partial sponsorship, we want you to know that your donation will be joined with that of others … creating a full sponsorship.


What a beautiful way to serve as the hands and feet of Christ -

working in community to support someone ….

even if that someone is 8,000 miles away.


That’s the thing about God’s love …

there is no place too far, no distance too great.


Cheers to working together for God’s glory!