Sponsorship Opportunity: Consolée and Mama Mutoni

Sponsorship Opportunity: Consolée and Mama Mutoni

Each month, we highlight two employees who have not yet been fully sponsored. When one of our employees is receives a full sponsorship, it means a generous donor or group of donors has agreed to make monthly donations in her honor. A sponsorship can be in any amount and it takes $150 per month to fully sponsor one woman. You can read more about sponsorship levels by clicking here. While the levels are set amounts, you may make a monthly donation of any amount and we will combine yours with others to create a full sponsorship for one woman.

When the needs of an employee are covered by a donor, it frees up funds used by the organization for other needs of the ministry.


We are excited to introduce you to this month's featured employees.

Please welcome Consolée and Mama Mutoni!


“I love to relax somewhere by sitting and reading my Bible. I would like to have land to cultivate beans. I would like my children to complete school.”


Consolée never had the opprtunity to continue her education beyond primary school because her family could not afford to pay the educational fees. Consolée was married and had four children but, sadly, her husband died unexpectedly. In order to support her family, Consolée worked on construction sites. It was difficult work that left her feeling isolated. Consolée says that, since coming to work for Handspun Hope, she has a new vision and sees her life changing. She is saving money, planning for the future and grateful for the access she has to counseling.

Consolée is currently unsponsored



“I love to sing and pray. I dream of buying a milk cow and of finishing my home so it has electricity and a bit of land for vegetables.

~Mama Mutoni                           


Mama Mutoni was born in 1963. In 1994, her family fled to the Congo as a result of the Genocide agains the Tutsi. At that time, her husband developed pneumonia. Once they returned to Rwanda she took him to a hospital but the damage was already done. When Mama Mutoni’s husband died in 2000, she struggled to feed her family. Her life is much different today. Since she was hired at Handspun Hope, her family eats every day, she can pay for school fees and the spiritual life of her entire family has improved. She attends a Pentecostal Church with her family.

Mama Mutoni needs $100/month to be fully sponsored




When you choose to support a woman - through a full or partial sponsorship - you are directly impacting her life and that of her family. And, if you are offering a partial sponsorship, we want you to know that your donation will be joined with that of others to create a full sponsorship.


Thank you for supporting our ladies - we look forward to introducing you to two more wonderful ladies next month!