Sponsorship Opportunity: Felina & Josiane

Sponsorship Opportunity: Felina & Josiane

Each month, we highlight two employees who have not yet been fully sponsored. When one of our employees is fully sponsorship, it means a generous donor or group of donors has agreed to make monthly donations in her honor. A sponsorship can be in any amount and it takes $150 per month to fully sponsor one woman. You can read more about sponsorship levels by clicking here. While the levels are set amounts, you may make a monthly donation of any amount and we will combine yours with others to create a full sponsorship for one woman.

When the needs of an employee are covered by a donor, it frees up funds used by the organization for other needs of the ministry.


We are excited to introduce you to this month’s featured employees.

Please welcome Felina and Josiane!



"Working for Handspun Hope makes me very happy. I dream for my child to complete his education. I plan to someday own cows and chickens of my own."

- Felina

In early 1994, Felina was a young engaged woman living in Kigali, Rwanda’s capitol city. When the killings began in April, Felina sought refuge at the Church of Saint Paul, the site of one of the most violent and infamous mass killings of the Genocide against the Tutsi. Her fiancé and most of her family was killed. Only she and one of her sisters survived. After the Genocide she married had four children. Their family lived in extreme poverty, struggling with hunger and illness and, in 2006, her husband left her and their children. In January 2014, Felina came to work at Handspun Hope and is grateful for the counseling she receives.

Felina needs $69/month to be fully sponsored



"I can sew and hope to be a tailor."

- Josiane

Josiane grew up in a home without ever knowing who her father was. Because the family was fatherless, they were often ostracized within the community. Josiane grew up feeling marginalized and isolated. She is thrilled to have found employment with Handspun Hope and loves being part of an accepting workplace.

Josiane is currently unsponsored



When you choose to support a woman - through a full or partial sponsorship - you are directly impacting her life and that of her family. And, if you are offering a partial sponsorship, we want you to know that your donation will be joined with that of others to create a full sponsorship.


Thank you for supporting our ladies - we look forward to introducing you to two more wonderful ladies next month!