Sponsorship Opportunity: Mutuyi and Angelique

Sponsorship Opportunity: Mutuyi and Angelique


As most of you know, Handspun Hope is a non-profit organization that is able to provide life-changing…and life-giving…work to at-risk women in Rwanda through donations made by generous donors. One way to donate is by committing to monthly sponsorships in honor of one of the women we employ.

While it costs $150 to provide a full sponsorship for a month, we have many donors who donate smaller amounts monthly - $10, $25 or $50 - in order to support our work…and that is okay! We often combine multiple smaller monthly donations to provide full sponsorship for one woman. In some cases, groups will join together - Sunday school classes, womens groups, co-workers - and sponsor a woman collectively.


When you choose to sponsor a woman, you are covering the costs of her employment on behalf of the ministry. A monthly sponsorship of $150 provides:

  • an above-average monthly salary
  • health insurance for the entire family
  • a contribution toward school fees for any children in the care of the employee
  • group and individual trauma counseling services
  • all other expenses associated with employment


We thought we would feature two ladies each month who are in need of sponsorship. Perhaps reading about them…about what they have overcome and how hard they are working to provide for their families…will encourage you to step out in faith with a monthly donation in any amount. We are excited to introduce you to Mutuyi and Angelique.




Mutuyi works for Handspun Hope as one of our incredibly talented knitters. She has such a gift! Mutuyi had lost both of her parents by the time she was five years old and regrets having never been able to know them. Mutuyi never had the opportunity to attend school and had difficulty finding steady employment prior to being hired by Handspun Hope. After her brother died from an unknown illness, Mutuyi made the selfless decision to adopt all four of his children as a single mother.

Mutuyi says she is grateful for the friendships she has made at the Handspun Hope cooperative. And, having regular income has allowed Mutuyi to buy building materials and have a home constructed.

Mutuyi is currently unsponsored.




Angelique lost her mother when she was three years old. Her father remarried a woman who was not fond of children. As a result, Angelique was sent to live with neighbors at the age of seven. When she was 12, Angelique began her work career, finding jobs as a house servant. She was never able to afford school fees in order to gain an education. Angelique married at eighteen but, sadly, lost her husband after ten years of marriage, leaving her a single mother to five children.

So much changed for Angelique when she found employment at Handspun Hope. She works at the cooperative as a carder, gently combing merino wool into fluffy rolags, or rolls, before sending them on to the spinners. Because she has regular employment, Angelique was able to obtain a bank loan to buy land and build a home. She is also an active participant in our optional savings cooperative.

Angelique is currently 66% sponsored. A monthly donation of $50 would provide Angelique with full sponsorship.


We would be delighted to see either of these ladies receive honorary sponsorship. And, remember….you don’t have to cover the full amount. You decide what amount works for you, click the link below and choose the appropriate amount or write in your own. If you want your donation to honor a specific woman, just click the button to leave a comment and let us know who will be the recipient of your gift.



And, if you can’t decide…that’s okay, too. You can send your donation and we will assign it to one of the ladies in need of sponsorship then let you know who received your gift.

It’s such a lovely…and easy!…way to support those in need.


We are grateful for you and your support and look forward to introducing you to two more wonderful ladies next month!