Wild Borocera Silk: The Gem of Madagascar

Wild Borocera Silk: The Gem of Madagascar

Wild Borocera silk is created by the caterpillars of the silk moth Borocera cajani, exclusively found in the highlands of Central Madagascar. Borocera silkworms, also called landibe by the locals, are a wild species that only live in the Tapia rainforest and cannot be cultivated like traditional Mulberry silk.
The silk's exquisite quality and natural luster first attracted us to a group of weavers in Madagascar. For over ten years, Handspun Hope has partnered with Voajanahary, a women’s cooperative, to bring beautiful handwoven and naturally dyed silk scarves to our Hope Artisan Collective.
This year, we began a deeper partnership with Voajanahary by sourcing the raw materials used for their scarves to create a luxury silk yarn for our hand-spun and organically dyed yarn line. The hand-spun Borocera silk is imported into Rwanda in the single ply, where the ladies at Handspun Hope organically dye it with a limited selection of natural dyes. The result is something truly stunning and found nowhere else!

But the wild Borocera silk extends far beyond gorgeous handwoven scarves and luxurious silk yarn. Borecera silk is now paving the way for sustainable conservation practices in Madagascar.

Conservation initiatives focusing on Borocera silk empower local communities like Nivo and the women of Voajanahary by providing them with an alternative source of income. Rather than resorting to logging or other ecologically damaging activities, women like Nivo and her team are taught sustainable sericulture techniques to cultivate and harvest silk cocoons, which they legally collect from Isalo National Park. This newfound economic opportunity has led to a shift in mindset, where local Malagasy people become guardians of the Tapia rainforests, protecting the very source of their livelihoods.

Conscious consumers can make a tangible difference by supporting the women artisans at Voajanahary through Handspun Hope. Our organization embraces this exceptional fiber source for they way it provides economic support to the women spinners of Voajanahary and Madagascar's conservation efforts, all while offering our customers a chance to knit or wear a piece of environmentally conscious luxury.

Wild Borocera silk is a shining example of how conservation and sustainability can go hand in hand. By harnessing the allure of this exquisite material, Malagasy women and men alike are preserving the Tapia rainforests and their inhabitants, enriching the lives of local communities, and promoting ethical practices on a global scale. We are thrilled with this initiative and are ecstatic about introducing our newest fiber source to our “perfectly imperfect” Handspun Hope line!

Note: Due to the unique quality of this handspun yarn, knitting experience will vary. To learn more about best practices and recommendations for using our Wild Borocera Silk in your upcoming project, please read the product description.