Woven Together: Hope Artisan Collective and the Women of Komera

Woven Together: Hope Artisan Collective and the Women of Komera

This week we are celebrating the opening of our new online store, Hope Artisan Collective, and showcasing one of our top selling items.

Hello, Mapenzi skirt!

These beauties are well constructed and include a feature we here at Handspun Hope have come to love…nice, deep pockets!


How did we survive skirts without pockets?!?


The only thing sweeter than the beauty and durability of these skirts are the ladies who make them and we can’t wait to introduce you to the women in Rwanda working for Komera.

Komera translates to “be strong” in Kinyarwanda which certainly applies to the women working for this sewing cooperative. Most of the women working at this facility are survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi. Like our own cooperative, Komera offers dignified employment to women in need.


And they create such beautiful things!


Overseeing the work is Grace, who ensures all quality standards are met.

I mean….have you ever in your life seen such a beautiful smile?


But the most beautiful part of this whole process is the number of people you…yes, you…directly and positively impact when purchase our skirts.


Because you’re not just supporting us and the women of Handspun Hope with your purchase.


You are supporting Grace and the women working for Komera.


You are supporting the people in the market from whom we buy fabric.


You cannot minimize the impact you have when you choose where to spend your money…


Who you will empower…


Whose life you will change.


And, to celebrate the new skirt collection, we’ll be hosting a GIVEAWAY event this weekend!! We’re so excited we can hardly stand it so be sure to follow us on Instagram (@handspunhope) to get all of the details and enter to win your very own Mapenzi skirt.

On behalf of the women of Handpsun Hope and Komera and those working in the fabric markets, we thank you. We can’t wait for you to stop by Hope Artisan Collective and see the collection of skirts. You’re going to love them.

Shop the Mapenzi skirt collection by clicking here