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Hand-Carved Fanazava Wood Nativity (9 Figures)

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This hand-carved nativity set from the island of Madagascar is carved from a precious white wood called Fanazava.  

This gorgeous nativity contains eight figures: Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, an angel, a shepherd, three wise men, and a donkey. The angel's wings are removable, as well as Joseph's staff for easy storage.

The Malagasy people generally carve in a detailed European style (rather than traditional African styles) because the craftsman learned their carving style from French Jesuit priests. The purchase of this nativity helps the artisan earn a living wage.

  • Hand-carved in Madagascar from Fanazava wood
  • Nine figures
  • Tallest figure (shepherd) measures 8" tall

Handspun Hope is a sustainable brand committed to ethically-sourced materials and minimal environmental impact.