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Madagascar Moonstone Solitaire, Large

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Entertain yourself for hours, while everyone else watches and waits for their own turn, with this beautiful solitaire game board!

From skilled craftsmen in Madagascar this combination of hand carved sandalwood and semi precious moonstone spheres is beautiful to look at, as well as a centuries-old puzzle. Board and stones alike are cut, carved, and polished by hand. The handcrafted nature of this product will produce slight variations in form and sizing. All measurements are approximate.

Local artisans strive to make use of indigenous resources while supporting their families and aiding the economy of their developing community.

  • Board measures approximately 14" in diameter x .75" tall (2" with moonstone spheres placed on board)
  • Each moonstone sphere measures approximately 1.25" in diameter
  • Handcrafted from sandalwood and semi precious moonstone in Madagascar

Thirty-seven spherical stones are placed on the board. The player removes one stone from the board--any stone desired. The game continues by jumping stones over each other and removing the ones that have been jumped. The goal is to have only one stone remaining at the end of the game.

 Handspun Hope is a sustainable artisan brand committed to ethically sourced materials and that have minimal impact on the environment.