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Wild Silk Skinny Scarf, Black Mud
Wild Silk Skinny Scarf, Black Mud
Maison Voajanahary

Wild Silk Skinny Scarf, Black Mud

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Deep in central Madagascar our artisan partners, the weavers of Masion Voajanahary, live and create stunning wild silk scarves.

The women carefully collect wild silk from the cocoons that are gathered in the local forest. The fine fibers are carefully cleaned, dried and spun into a fine thread with drop spindles before dying the threads in dye-baths created from native plants and organic matter. In the final stage, the fibers are carefully woven together using handlooms. What results are magnificent scarves of varying sizes and shades.

This age-old craft helps provide desperately needed income to over 100 women and their families.

As in all handcrafted products, there will be variations in actual shades and dimensions of each scarf.

  • Made in Madagascar
  • 100% silk, hand-dyed in bath created from black mud
  • Approximately 80" long x 6" wide

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