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Vintage Hima Milk Vessel, Inyanja

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A vintage Hima milk vessel (inkongoro) is a special find. This authentic household relic from Rwanda was hand-carved from jacaranda wood during the early 20th century.  When the vessel cracked from everyday wear and tear, patches were fashioned using bits of aluminum from old pans. The patches create rustic beauty, ensuring no two pieces are alike. On the top of the vessel rests an intricately handwoven lid that has withstood the test of time. Each top is unique in color and design, making the Hima vessel a perfect one-of-a-kind piece of art destined to stand out in any modern room. #milkjug #inkongoro #hima #madeinrwanda #africanart #vintageart

  • Circa early 20th century
  • Natural patina and imperfections present
  • Base approx 8"
  • Height approx 9"